Reduce non-compliance risk & grow faster.

Software that enables advice businesses to monitor and demonstrate compliance, generate more referrals, capture powerful testimonials, improve client retention, identify pain points, and benchmark and improve performance. 

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Monitor Compliance

Make it easy for your clients to share their experience about promises delivered versus promises made.

Gather testimonials

Source powerful testimonials from your clients (or quickly identify pain points) in a non-confrontational format.

Generate Referrals

Make it easy for your clients to refer. Help them share authentic details about the experience you deliver to mitigate reputational risk they face.

Save time

Our done-for-you service needs only 10 minutes of your time to collect feedback, review detailed reports, and take action.

Develop A Sound Compliance Monitoring Strategy

The compliance obligations of Licensees and practitioners alike are growing – an essential way to monitor and demonstrate compliance is through the voice of your clients. As a Licensee, you increasingly need to have your finger on the pulse to ensure all authrorised representatives and brokers are conducting themselves in a compliant manner. As an adviser/broker, you more than ever need to ensure you are conducting yourself ethically and delivering good client outcomes.

MyNextAdvice can be used to monitor performance and identify pathways for improved performance. We’ll help you to quickly and conveniently generate results you can use as authentic proof that you deliver a great experience to ALL your clients and in a compliant manner.


Focus On The Right Metrics

Stronger client relationships drive superior financial performance. Positive impacts include higher client retention, improved lifetime value and willingness to refer you to others in their network.

MyNextAdvice quickly and easily measures the DNA of your client relationships: trust, integrity, effort, communication, satisfaction, competence, advocacy. Use these metrics to understand and improve your clients’ experience. Reap the financial rewards.

Access An Easy Solution

MyNextAdvice is easy to use and takes very little of your time. Clients quickly complete an online survey. We then autogenerate a suite of valuable reports in real-time that identify performance issues, referral sources, capture testimonials, and rank key relationship drivers to help you understand their experience. Our Game Plan will guide you on what actions to take next.

Most importantly, results are collected confidentially and close the loop on your client’s experience. We even provide a data download of all results to help with internal analytics and benchmarking.

How does it work?

Invite your clients to provide feedback

The quick, simple process is designed to maximise response rates.

Clients complete the survey in <3 minutes

A fast completion time elicits a higher response rate, generating powerful insights.

Review results in real time

View reports and take immediate action to close the loop and leverage opportunities.

Engage clients and grow your business with a 30 day trial

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to see if MyNextAdvice works for you. No credit card required.