Stakeholder research, CX & trust management.

Your stakeholders need to be at the centre of everything you do in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable world. We’ll help you access the data and insights to make better decisions, achieve impact, and ensure sustainability.

Stakeholder Research

We generate data and insights that reflect your stakeholders’ needs, attitudes, pain-points, and behaviours, together with their experiences of promises delivered versus promises made.

Customer Experience

We provide a full suite of CX services to ensure businesses are driving the best experiences to underpin sustainability.

Trust & Reputation

Everything produced and sold that is consumed or used, relies on trust. We provide services to help organisations assess, manage and improve their trust performance.

Find Out What Your Stakeholders Really Think

A human-centered design approach is essential to put real people at the centre of the product/service development process, enabling you to create things that resonate and are tailored to your audience’s needs.

This will lead to more intuitive, accessible products & services that are likely to achieve desired outcomes because your stakeholders have already contributed and feel more invested.

MyNextAdvice can provide the stakeholder research services required to ensure you are making the most of stakeholder contributions and the best decisions.


Engage with your stakeholders & demonstrate your trustworthiness in a world of declining trust.

Find out how Trustgenie can help you assess, manage and improve your trust performance.