Accelerate business growth in less time, with little effort

Generate referrals and leads, capture testimonials and increase client retention. Access templates, automated reports, calculators and tools to quickly identify how to develop and grow your business.

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Empower your clients

They want you to succeed – they’re an ideal resource for understanding how. Use their feedback to build a history of satisfaction and compliance.

Leverage our deep insights

Improve efficiency and productivity. Quickly identify actions to take on critical growth drivers like trust, advocacy, and retention.

Make smarter decisions

Remove speculation and use our inbuilt smart tools. Identify your options and help predict bottom line outcomes.

Grow your business value

Accelerate client retention, identify at-risk relationships and referral sources, improve profitability, and automate lead generation.

Find out what your clients really think

Regularly ask your clients how you perform on the key relationship drivers. They want to contribute to your success so make sure you demonstrate a willingness to engage and listen. Build a history of client satisfaction and compliance.

Predict profitability and identify growth opportunities

Use MyNextAdvice to assess client lifetime value and manage your clients seamlessly through the relationship lifecycle by identifying the best growth opportunities (retention, referrals, lead generation).

Create tailored, practical, game plans in minutes

Use MyNextAdvice’s done-for-you Game Plan tool to generate a tailored plan of attack designed to help you build stronger, more profitable client relationships and a more valuable business. Quickly identify and address internal and external risks to your business.

How does it work?

Invite your clients to provide feedback

The quick, simple process is designed to maximise response rates.

Clients complete the survey in <5 minutes

A fast completion time elicits a higher response rate, generating powerful insights.

Review results in real time

View reports and take immediate action to close the loop and leverage opportunities.

Engage clients and grow your business with a 30 day trial

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