New Advice Fee Consent Rules – Will Your Clients Consent?

The new advice fee consent rules came into effect from 1 July 2021, but will your clients consent? The new rules require fee recipients to, inter alia, obtain written consent from clients before they can deduct fees from the client’s account, to set out the services...

Drive Stronger Relationships Using Client Experience

Research consistently shows that delivering great client experience drives stronger relationships and this leads to better business outcomes.  Have you ever thought about how your clients’ experiences of using services like Netflix, Apple, Amazon, and Facebook are...

Manage the Client Journey – Foundation Stage

Have you ever thought about how you can successfully manage the client journey from prospect through to an established client who regularly refers new business your way? Because the industry has been undergoing so much change these last few years, it’s natural to...

MyNextAdvice vs AdviserRatings: an AdviserRatings Alternative

This article provides a comparison of MyNextAdvice vs AdviserRatings to help you decide if MyNextAdvice is an AdviserRatings alternative. When putting together this comparison it was necessary to complete an in-depth analysis of data on the AdviserRatings...
Tax Return Advice

Tax Return Advice

With the financial year having just ended the words on most people’s lips right now are “How much tax will I get back? “ For many receiving a tax refund is an important part of the annual budget and not receiving it can leave a serious shortfall in finances.

Mortgage Refinance Advice

Mortgage Refinance Advice

Remember when you bought your first home? The excitement of getting the offer accepted and the contract confirmed? I’m sure you won’t forget the day you moved house and finally had a place to call your own. You probably felt you had moved into a mansion – yet in a surprisingly quick period of time the house soon fills with items and the kids start getting bigger and wanting their own space. Before you know it that driveway is full of bikes and vehicles and everyone wants their own bathroom and television. Suddenly your mansion doesn’t feel so big anymore!

Five Year Plan to Clear Debt

Five Year Plan to Clear Debt

If you grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s you will have noticed some major changes in lifestyle choices available compared to what your parents had. One of the biggest drivers of this has been the easy accessibility of credit and the ability of individuals and families to fuel their lifestyle through the use of debt. Our parents paid cash for most things they bought. These days most major purchases are funded on credit with a double income required to support the cost.

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