Ugly Truth About Net Promoter Score

This post details the ugly truth about Net Promoter Score. When I speak with businesses about what they’re doing to assess the trust of their key stakeholders (customers, employees, suppliers), I regularly hear Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the feedback mechanism and...

Trusting The Wrong People

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes end up trusting the wrong people? A friend of mine had his trust betrayed a number of years ago by someone who wanted to merge their respective businesses. They had verbally agreed to a 50/50 equity split in a new company and,...

Don’t Kill Your Customers’ Trust

We all know customers can dislike a lot of things, but there are three (3) in particular that will elicit stronger emotions than a simple dislike. These things are very likely to kill your customers' trust (or at least diminish it in a major way). If you have been...

Are You Trustworthy?

If asked your customers, work colleagues and manager are you trustworthy, what would they say? Obviously, we all want to be perceived as trustworthy because that is the essential ingredient required to form trusting relationships with others and to do business....
Getting Fit on a Budget

Getting Fit on a Budget

It’s human nature to resolve to get fit at least once a year – usually at the beginning of summer or the new year. The fitness industry is booming with new fads, diets, and fashion introduced daily – a trend showing no sign of stopping. According to Fitness Australia, the fitness industry is estimated at over 1 billion dollars a year, with over 3000 gyms and fitness centres in Australia. These figures don’t include the market for personal trainers or online fitness spending. If you wanted to get fit a decade ago, your options consisted of going to the gym (during ‘normal’ hours), playing sport or pursuing a free pastime such as jogging. Fast forward to today and the options are endless – our advice is to pick what works best for your lifestyle and your budget to ensure you commit.

Financial Advice On Owning A Second Car

Financial Advice On Owning A Second Car

We tend to ignore this fact if public transport does not properly service your suburb, we’re not comfortable walking or riding a bike, we’re regularly in a hurry, or we need to travel to multiple destinations throughout the day. Over 76% of Australians who live in a main centre drive to work each day, with less than 5% walking and the balance on public transport.

Family Tax Benefits Advice

Family Tax Benefits Advice

Raising kids can be expensive. As far back as 2012, the University of Canberra estimated that the typical Australian family spends over $800,000 to raise two children. Even if we omit families on higher incomes (who may opt for private schooling and more expensive hobbies), the University predicted that even low-income families would be spending over $200,000 per child during their years of dependence. It is almost certain that the cost has increased since then.

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