How do we compare?

With client surveys and sophisticated tools built specifically for the advice industry, MyNextAdvice more than holds its own against any alternative. The best way to compare is to try it for yourself.

Here are comparisons with some alternative services:

An all-in-one performance improvement service, purpose-built for the advice industry to help you accelerate growth, achieve greater efficiency, and demonstrate compliance.


A generic survey tool that requires considerable time and effort to generate feedback but few actionable insights. 

The insights into my clients views of me and my business have been invaluable. The life-time value, retention rates and ‘what-if’ functionality is brilliant.

Lyle, Bridges Financial Planning

An all-in-one performance improvement service that focuses on engaging your clients to drive growth, efficiency, and compliance.


A rating & review service narrowly focused on driving new leads rather than performance improvement. Prepare to have your data  monetised for sale to third parties.

MyNextAdvice is very user friendly. It provides valuable feedback on the quality of service we are providing our clients, so we are aware of the areas we are performing well in and our areas for improvement. It is very easy to set up a survey, and even easier to view the results. It is a well-used resource within our practice.

Rachel, Chelsea Wealth Management

Take client feedback to the next level

The only solution that addresses your needs for growth, efficiency & compliance.

Does the free trial have any restrictions?

No. When you register for your free 30-day trial, you will be automatically assigned to the Professional plan and that entitles you to unrestricted use throughout the free trial period. That means no restrictions on the number of users, client surveys or survey responses.

You will have unfettered access to all MyNextAdvice features and functions.

How many accounts do I need to create?

MyNextAdvice is designed so you only need to set up a single account for your business. It doesn’t matter how many staff the business has. To add more users simply send them an invite.

This makes it easy to schedule client surveys, review the results and make decisions as a business.

Who should control the account?

When the account is set up, the primary contact is called the SuperAdmin. They have full visibility and control over the account so we recommend this be your business owner or manager (or another trusted senior member of the team). The SuperAdmin will be able to add and remove users, and they will have complete visibility of the business’s results.

Additional users invited to the account will only be able to view their own results.

Who else can access the account?

Once the account is first registered, it will be up to the Super Admin to provide access to other business personnel. For example, the Professional Plan allows the Super Admin to invite other personnel to take on the roles of Administrator (someone who can help with operating the account) and Planner/Broker (whose clients will be surveyed).

Each of these roles have restrictions on what functions they can access.

MyNextAdvice is very user friendly for both advisers and clients. The survey questions are wonderfully direct & simple, however, provide valuable insights to help identify where we are performing well and what areas we need to work on. MyNextAdvice is a great service we will continue to use in our practice.

Rebecca, How2Plan

Register & Upload Template

Upload your unique email survey invitation during the quick & easy registration process.

Gather testimonials

Source powerful testimonials from your customers (and identify pain points) in a non-confrontational format.

Generate Referrals

Quickly identify authentic referral sources. Make it easy for them to refer by arming them with performance details about the experience you deliver.

Save time & effort

Our done-for-you service needs only 10 minutes to collect feedback, review detailed reports, and take confident action.

Engage your stakeholders & demonstrate your trustworthiness in a world of declining trust.

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