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But we know which ones make their existing clients happy. We can connect you with an adviser who will make you happy too.

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No tricky financial jargon. No lengthy Q&A. A quick and simple process if you are serious about getting financial advice.

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Connect with advisers who best align with your needs. Discuss your requirements with them then decide who to work with. At no cost to you.

Reputable advisers

We don’t rate the advisers – their existing clients do. These advisers seek feedback from their clients on a regular basis. They’re focussed on continually improving to make their clients super happy.


It can be hard finding someone to trust. We present the best options and you make the decision. After that we’ll do our best to ensure you enjoy a great relationship with your chosen adviser.

We used MyNextAdvice to find an adviser because we were concerned that our financial situation wasn’t where it should be, and we’re getting closer to retirement. The process with you was easy. We didn’t have to spend time ringing around to find someone – once we were matched to someone they rang us! We would recommend using your site to anyone who wants a valuable experience.

Nina, Umina NSW

Only the best advisers

We are only interested in connecting you with the highest rated advisers who will make you happy. Here are a few of the advisers who we’ve connected to people just like you.

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