MyNextAdvice is a focused alternative to AdviserRatings

Why use a generic ratings & review service instead of an all-in-one business improvement solution that’s designed especially for the advice industry? MyNextAdvice is built from the ground up to help you improve growth, efficiency, and compliance.

AdviserRatings – generic rating tool.

MyNextAdvice is designed for you.


Performance improvement focus

All surveys are underpinned by rigorous research and are focused on generating insights to positively impact your growth, efficiency, and compliance.

Feedback quickly converted to valuable insights

Conveniently schedule a survey and send it to your clients in a matter of minutes – quickly transforms collected data into insights that are used to address growth, efficiency, and compliance within your business.

Understand what shape your client relationships are in

Because we measure and analyse key variables to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of every client relationship, and calculate their lifetime value, you’ll be able to make more confident decisions.

Connect results to your bottom line

Use a combination of survey and historical financial data to quickly calculate both pre-survey and the projected lifetime value (profitability) of individual clients, segments, and the entire business.

Your reputation is everything

The types of data we can help you collect from your clients ensures you can demonstrate compliance with your obligations such as the FASEA Code of Ethics.


Driven by the monetisation of your data

Yes, you may benefit from an enhanced online presence and gain access to some new leads. But you get what you pay for – you are effectively the product.

No support for performance improvement

Because the client review/rating process is so focused on helping you access new leads, you’re missing out on valuable support to help you continuously improve performance. 

Your ratings have very limited utility

Each of your ratings is based on 4 questions that don’t explain your performance in full. There is a high risk the collected data can’t be used to generate actionable insights you need. 

Ratings must be credible

Consumers rely on ratings to make decisions, so it’s critical they are authentic. Any evidence suggesting ‘gaming’ to get the right outcome, misrepresents overall performance and impairs credibility.

'Gaming' ratings is a recipe for disaster

With a Single Disciplinary Body set to start mid-2021, advisers who ‘game’ ratings to get access to new leads risk breaching their legal obligations under the FASEA Code of Ethics.

Deep dive: MyNextAdvice vs AdviserRatings

No more playing around. MyNextAdvice provides you with an industry-specific, fully compliant, business improvement solution that goes well beyond just collecting feedback. If you’re a busy advice business looking for help to grow, become more efficient, and demonstrate compliance with key client-facing obligations, you need to check out MyNextAdvice.

Register & Upload Template

Upload your unique email survey invitation during the quick & easy registration process.

Gather testimonials

Source powerful testimonials from your customers (and identify pain points) in a non-confrontational format.

Generate Referrals

Quickly identify authentic referral sources. Make it easy for them to refer by arming them with performance details about the experience you deliver.

Save time & effort

Our done-for-you service needs only 10 minutes to collect feedback, review detailed reports, and take confident action.

Engage your clients to grow your business, eliminate inefficiencies & demonstrate compliance.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial to see if MyNextAdvice works for your business. No credit card required.