MyNextAdvice is a focused alternative to SurveyMonkey

Why use a generic survey service instead of an all-in-one business improvement solution that’s designed especially for the advice industry? MyNextAdvice is built from the ground up to help you improve growth, efficiency, and compliance.

SurveyMonkey = generic survey tool.

MyNextAdvice is designed for you.


Pre-configured surveys designed for the industry

All surveys are underpinned by rigorous research and are focused on generating insights to positively impact your growth, efficiency, and compliance.

Quick and easy scheduling & deployment

Conveniently schedule a survey and send it to your clients in a matter of minutes – either directly through our platform or by using the Iress Xplan integration.

Understand what shape your client relationships are in

Because we measure and analyse key variables to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of every client relationship, and calculate their lifetime value, you’ll be able to make more confident decisions.

Connect results to your bottom line

Use a combination of survey and historical financial data to quickly calculate both pre-survey and the projected lifetime value (profitability) of individual clients, segments, and the entire business.

Confidently plan next steps and take action

What-If and Game Plan tools are available to help you understand what changes are likely to deliver the biggest positive impact on your bottom line and what specific actions you could take to make them a reality.


Requires more time and effort on your part

Do you have lots of spare time to understand the large number of design options available and then choose and test for best fit? Didn’t think so.

Too many options can impede timely action

You may end up devoting a lot of your valuable time reviewing deployment options and even have to design your own survey invitation and content from scratch.

Will you get the insights you need?

Because survey content can be largely self-defined and generic, there is a higher risk that the wrong questions will be asked and the collected data can’t be used to generate the actionable insights you need. 

Starts and finishes with survey data

There is no capability provided to use survey data to understand the financial aspects of your client relationships, what the optimal spend is to acquire a new client, or to help segment your client base.

What comes next?

With your reports in hand, you are largely on your own to figure out how to interpret them, identify the most important changes that will lead to measurable performance improvement, and how you can implement them successfully.

Deep dive: MyNextAdvice vs SurveyMonkey

No more monkeying around. MyNextAdvice provides you with an industry-specific, fully compliant, business improvement solution that goes well beyond just collecting feedback. If you’re a busy advice business looking for help to grow, become more efficient, and demonstrate compliance with key client-facing obligations, you need to check out MyNextAdvice.

Register & Upload Template

Upload your unique email survey invitation during the quick & easy registration process.

Gather testimonials

Source powerful testimonials from your customers (and identify pain points) in a non-confrontational format.

Generate Referrals

Quickly identify authentic referral sources. Make it easy for them to refer by arming them with performance details about the experience you deliver.

Save time & effort

Our done-for-you service needs only 10 minutes to collect feedback, review detailed reports, and take confident action.

Engage your stakeholders & demonstrate your trustworthiness in a world of declining trust.

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