Our Story

MyNextAdvice grew out of a question that’s fundamental to the success of every business — how can we retain and grow our existing clients and attract new ones in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable world?

We began with the basic idea that businesses that focus on their clients first and foremost will always win in the long-term and we combined this with some unique research that helped us identify the factors that lead to improved client trust, retention and advocacy/referrals.

During our research, we collected data from literally hundreds of businesses across multiple industries including financial services.

We then thought about how we could build a platform to help businesses quickly collect client feedback and link this to bottom line performance so they could make better decisions and allocate scarce resources to get the best possible results from building stronger client relationships. The result is MyNextAdvice.

We have since launched Trustgenius, a service to support businesses that want to take full control of their trustworthiness and reputation.

We’d love for you to join us and commit to placing your clients at the centre of everything you do.

Meet the founder

Dr Ray McHale

Dr Ray McHale

Founder & CEO

Ray has had a wide ranging career in financial services and it was while working there that he became frustrated at not being able to quantify the strength of client relationships he was responsible for. He set about researching the field to see what was available and couldn’t find a suitable tool.

As a result, he successfully undertook doctoral studies in relationship marketing and developed intellectual property that today lies at the heart of MyNextAdvice, a software-as-a-service platform supporting the financial advice & mortgage broking industries.

More recently, his company has turned its focus towards developing and launching Trustgenius, a service designed for businesses that want to take full control of their trustworthiness and reputation in a world of declining trust.


Engage your stakeholders & demonstrate your trustworthiness in a world of declining trust.

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