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Financial services professionals from across Australia are using MyNextAdvice to better engage their clients and collect insights that lead to smarter business decisions.

Here’s what some of them are saying:

Before we started using MyNextAdvice, we were having difficulty understanding and developing evaluations for our advisers. MyNextAdvice has been unbelievably helpful to our practice and me. They continuously check with us to ensure that we have all our questions answered and understand how to get the most from the service. I can’t recommend MyNextAdvice more highly to new users. It’s easy to use and we receive absolutely great feedback from our clients for the services we offer. We’re extremely happy with the service that MyNextAdvice provides.

Maureen, RFE Group, Sydney

We are excited about this opportunity to work closer with our clients using this great service. I strongly recommend others look at using this as a means of seeking client feedback and establishing the future value of your clients

Wayne, EMOHRUO Financial Services, Camden

We recently signed up with MyNextAdvice and sent our first survey last week. I would like to thank MyNextAdvice’s support team for their help and quick response time to both emails and phone calls. I found the whole process of sending surveys to our client base very simple. The software is very easy to use and we are looking forward to seeing our survey results

Kim, TBA Financial, Bentleigh

The insights into my clients’ views of me and my business have been invaluable. The client lifetime value, retention rates and what-if tools are brilliant.

Lyle, Bridges Financial Planning, Hurstville

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MyNextAdvice is very user friendly. It provides valuable feedback on the quality of service we are providing our clients, so we are aware of the areas we are performing well in and our areas for improvement. It is very easy to set up a survey, and even easier to view the results. It is a well-used resource within our practice.

Rachel, Chelsea Wealth Management, Newcastle East

We have used MyNextAdvice over the last 12 months to gain valuable feedback from our clients regarding our services. The process of surveying our clients is very simple and effective and we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of clients who have completed the survey. Viewing and analysing the responses is very easy due to the automatic data capture and reporting mechanisms within MyNextAdvice.

Tanya, Bridges Financial Planning, Penrith

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