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Be trusted.

Trust is everything. Get the data and insights you need from key stakeholders to take control of your trustworthiness & boost business performance with Trustgenie.


Assess Trustworthiness

Measure performance across your key stakeholder groups on the factors that are responsible for the decision to trust you.

Testimonials & Reviews

Automatically source powerful testimonials & reviews from key stakeholder groups to drive growth & other positive outcomes.

Facilitate Referrals

Use your enhanced reputation to make it easy for key stakeholders to refer based on authentic trustworthiness performance.

Improve Performance

Use our tailored Game Plans to address identified performance gaps and ensure you achieve continuous improvement.

If your trust is at risk, so is everything else.

Your ability to build and maintain trustworthiness is a core business competency. Yet understanding what it means to be trusted and what behaviours signal that you’re worthy of someone else’s trust, is far from simple.

Businesses of all types struggle to understand what things their stakeholders need to experience in order to build, maintain or restore trust. It’s a challenge to create trust in the moments that matter, but the benefits are real and undeniable.

It is essential to monitor your trustworthiness through the voices of your key stakeholders.

Trustgenius will help you monitor performance and identify pathways to improvement.


Trust Metrics

Focus on metrics that matter.

Trust is the leading indicator of economic exchange so it precedes your financial performance.

Getting it wrong leads to big impacts such as customer/employee churn, reduced revenue/cashflow/profitability, loss of reputation, negative word of mouth, heightened risk of non-compliance/default, and diminished business value.

Trustgenius helps you to quickly and easily measure stakeholder propensity to trust, your trustworthiness and if you are trusted. These are the metrics that really matter. Use them to understand and improve your performance and reap the financial rewards.

Trustgenius is an easy to use solution.

Trustgenius is easy to use and takes very little of your time to generate the insights that will power your success. We’ve done all the hard work to provide you with the tools to collect feedback from various key stakeholder groups.

We automatically enable the capture of testimonials and generate valuable reports and key metrics to identify performance issues. Our tailored Game Plans guide you on what actions to take next.

Most importantly, you are in control of your data as results are collected confidentially and help close the loop on your stakeholders’ experience.

Trust Solution

How does it work?

Collect feedback


Our quick, simple process can be used across your clients & other stakeholder groups and is designed to maximise data relevance & response rates.


Leverage results

Leverage results

Based on your performance, Trustgenie will help you automatically generate authentic & compliant testimonials to grow your business & boost your reputation.

Take meaningful action


We'll identify performance gaps and provide tailored Game Plans so you can take practical steps to improve your trustworthiness & reputation.


Engage your stakeholders & demonstrate your trustworthiness in a world of declining trust.

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